Visit us at our Open House

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions is pleased to announce its brand new Open House 2022 event, which will take place from April 27 - 29 & May 09 - 11, 2022, at our premises in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Are you attending the Global Currency Forum? Then, let's stop by Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions as well and step into the new era of security printing. During this one-day event, discover the several topics that our teams will present and which are articulated around our three strategic axes:

Our machines are designed in a modular way to allow offerings for various options and packages to meet today's needs and requirements as well as future improvements for  the efficient and economic production of banknotes. Our evolutionary concept provides a robust and versatile platform on which packages can be seamlessly integrated at any time in the machine's life. Improved technologies are at your fingertips without the need to invest in a new machine.

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions offers a complete range of equipment for independent and environmentally friendly printing. Several solutions have been developed from Design to Pre-Press and Press.

With the evolution of electronic payment methods, we have developed new mobile applications in order to perpetuate the future of banknotes. Other digital solutions are also under development. Our teams are putting all their efforts and passion to offer you a unique experience. Be a part of the success story of unparalleled heritage to shape together the future of banknotes.

If you are interested to join us, contact your Sales Director from Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions.

We are looking forward to welcoming you in Lausanne.


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