Cash Matters is a pro-cash movement, which channels the voices that support the existence and relevance of cash as an integral part of the payment landscape now and in the future.

Cash Matters supports and initiates campaigns on a global level. Current issues and upcoming legislative changes should always take the interests of the general public into account – as well as relevant statistics and figures that show how cash plays an important role in society.

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The Banknote Ethics Initiative (BnEI) was established to provide ethical business practice, with a focus on the prevention of corruption and on compliance with anti-trust law within the banknote industry.

Maintaining high ethical standards across the banknote industry is essential in order to ensure our customers and other stakeholders are confident that the standards we apply to our practices are beyond reproach.

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  1. We are continually developing new ways of reducing the ecological impact of banknote printing. Investing in this domain is not only an ethical responsibility but also a way to harness cost-effective solutions for our industry.
  2. Our  facility in Lausanne is CO2 neutral. We put great emphasis on the separation of various types of waste generated through printing processes and other office activities.
  3. We are one of only two companies using Lausanne’s remote heating network for cooling purposes.
  4. Our naturally covered rooftop is not only environmentally friendly but it also creates a more pleasant working environment.
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