• Design is where everything starts: where an idea becomes reality, the imagination of a designer ends up in a product that is used every day by billions of persons.

Design philosophy

Every country is unique and so needs to be their banknotes. Our Design Services deliver tailor made designs and originations taking into account the cultural history of a state and reflecting it into the finest details.

To unveil the very essence of the culture and history of a country, Central Banks and experts in their fields truly become part of our banknote design team - at every step of the design process.

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Banknote production employs a variety of printing and application processes, each one contributing to the security of the final document.

Our competency in this domain has been acquired through the development of more than 500 issued banknote designs produced for a global network of central banks and issuing authorities.

Take a look inside our history of specimens and the evolution of Security Features.

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Discover the new Laika series

Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions is pleased to unveil its new Laika specimen.

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Security Features

Our goal has always been to take the best of our machines and processes. Security Features development is no exception.

Pushing the limit of technology, we create features that are extremely difficult to reproduce using commercially available equipment while easy to understand for the public and up-to-date with the Cash Cycle’s latest requirements.

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Sound of Intaglio® Services

The unique feel of the Intaglio print has been one of the foundations of banknote security and greatly facilitates public recognition. However, its authentication through machine detection was previously only possible through the addition of special additives, or taggants.

Today, the Sound of Intaglio® technology allows detection of genuine Intaglio print through the analysis of 2D images using the state of the art wavelet transform. It was developed as a result of the Sound of Intaglio® research program at Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions and the Institute for Industrial Information Technology (inIT) of the Ostwestfalen-Lippe (OWL) University of Applied Sciences. The Document Analysis and Classification System (DACS) is a stand-alone laboratory standard device for analysis, description and classification of banknote counterfeits.

Contact us to discuss our Sound of Intaglio® services for authenticating security documents and for services relating to software for authenticating security documents.

ONE Suite security software solutions

A fully integrated solution. Specifically created for banknote designers and engravers, ONE Suite allows them to unleash their creativity and design secure banknotes in a simple and efficient manner.

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Durability solutions

To assist you in the assessment of the resistance of your currency or security features to a particular condition or environment, we offer a tailor-made Banknote Resistance Check service.

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Independent consultancy

Thanks to our flexible selection of modules, we help Central Banks, from an independent perspective, go through the long and complex journey of creating a new banknote series.

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