• Fully integrated design solution

    Unleashing creativity to design secure banknotes in a simple and efficient manner.

Vast modules & seamless workflow

You will find an array of tools with greater design control and accuracy to create artwork and apply microtext, complex security background features (see-through register, vignettes, complex geometric patterns).

As an Adobe® Illustrator® plugin, multiple layers are provided for easy modification.

New all-in-one software solution

Asecuri covers all the pre-press processes, from imposition and proofing to rendering. Automating the entire pre-press workflow will reduce most manual work, marginalising errors to a minimum. Asecuri is fully integrated with our ONE Suite security design solutions.

Once every element has been created, the Security Features are positioned within the master design and all the data is separated into several files corresponding to the different printing plates in one smooth workflow. Data is then sent to the CToP unit in raster format, ready for the pre-press plate procedures.

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