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    Cash touches the daily lives of billions of people.

Long lasting economy

We commit to keeping cash universally accessible as the most secure, robust and sustainable means of payment shared among people all around the world.

Access to cash means universal inclusion for every individual in a nation’s banking and payment system, as a fundamental citizen’s right. No other payment tool possesses the complete set of intrinsic characteristics enjoyed by cash or gives people the same level of freedom.


Today, more and more people around the world care about our planet and want to be part of an eco-friendly future, either by contributing directly or by being more aware of the products they use daily. At Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions, we are determined to act.

From design to platemaking and printing, we have already begun to change to a modern, environmentally friendly and efficient solution for the future.

Environmentally friendly production methods


The gateway to the world of banknotes

The entire banknote ecosystem - Central Banks, banknote producers, regulators, technology developers and Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions - must work together to build the sustainable future of banknotes.

Enhance security

Connecting expertise

We all share the commitment to the sustainable future of banknotes. Together, we work as partners to achieve this global goal. At Koenig & Bauer Banknote Solutions, we constantly develop banknote design and printing technology so that you can step into the future with certainty and confidence.

Let us take you further to increase your efficiency and productivity, minimise waste, ink consumption and set-up time, and provide you a strong return on investment.

Increase efficiency

Ensure cash authentication

Banknotes create confidence through rapid, unambiguous and simple authentication. Used in many environments, they must resist counterfeiting, be immediately recognisable and represent cultural and national symbolism. And most importantly, they must instill certainty and trust in their users.

Our goal is to connect all stakeholders to make each and every banknote a success story.

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Efficient banknote design and production

During a cash transaction, the banknote must communicate clearly with its user through tactility and visual attributes.

By combining smart banknote design techniques with optimal print configurations, Central Banks can provide the best user experience and thereby ensure public confidence in cash.

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Engineering the future of banknotes

Our extensive knowledge of banknote design, production and functionalities provide you with independent insights and tailor-made advice to implement best practices and drive the future evolution of banknotes.

To make your banknote project a success, we offer cutting-edge technical expertise and independent consultancy in the complete workflow of banknote design and production.

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Banknote Excellence Centre

At our Banknote Excellence Centre in Lausanne, Switzerland, we offer full facilities showcasing new capabilities in banknote design and security features, as well as our cutting-edge pre-press and banknote printing technologies through dedicated exhibitions and training areas.

The Centre also features dedicated pre-press facilities and a printing hall equipped with latest technologies for testing, research and development and knowledge transfer.

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