KBA-NotaSys is committed to continue business despite challenging situations

KBA-NotaSys takes the health and duty of care for employees, customers, partners, suppliers and visitors very seriously. We have introduced extensive measures to prevent the COVID-19 disease from spreading and to minimise risks for all concerned. Our motto is still to treat this evolving situation not with panic, but with a sense of proportion and caution.

Different actions have been taken to protect our employees,:

  • Administrative employees are working from home,
  • Assembly and other operational departments are working in split shifts and respect social distancing,
  • Business trips are replaced by video conferencing,
  • People who have visited high risks regions are placed in quarantine when advised by company medical services, as well as people who have been in contact with people tested positive or when showing symptoms,
  • Communications are regularly provided within our organisation with recommendations from local and federal authorities.

Due to these circumstances, some of our services can be negatively impacted. While we put in place our best efforts, customers may experience longer lead-time or unavailability, such as production and supply of goods from Italy, factory calibration of our LabQMD-UEFO, etc.

KBA-NotaSys employees remain fully available via video conference, email or phone. While postal mail is still received and collected at our Lausanne office, we recommend and would appreciate if you could address all correspondence, especially those calling for rapid action, by email to your direct contact(s) within KBA-NotaSys. In addition, we are temporarily offering free of charge service interventions to help resolve your breakdowns and emergencies (e.g. technical support, VPN) via remote video (Select Remote contract). Assistance is open from 7am to 7pm CET, during weekdays.

KBA-NotaSys is committed to continue our business as efficiently as possible during this challenging situation, whilst respecting all the measures put in place by the different authorities.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic declared by the WHO, restrictions imposed by several countries and subsequent measures have been evolving daily and at global scale. Interferences that are beyond our control and therefore unavoidable include limited availability of persons, as well as production and supply of goods, transit restriction and closed borders. KBA-NotaSys SA cannot be held responsible for any failure to perform under such circumstances of force majeure. Please be assured that we are employing our best efforts, and remain at your disposal should you have any questions about a particular project or order.


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