KBA-NotaSys is committed to continue business despite challenging situationsKBA-NotaSys measures following COVID-19

While the lockdown is easing faster than expected, KBA-NotaSys continues to take the health and duty of care for employees, customers, partners, suppliers and visitors very seriously. We have introduced extensive measures to prevent the COVID-19 disease from spreading and to minimise risks for all concerned. Our motto is to treat this evolving situation with extreme caution, but also with a sense of proportionality.

Besides the health of our employees, our primary concern is to serve our customers and support them in their activities despite this challenging situation.

To make this possible, we are currently evaluating the countries to which our instructors, technicians, and fitters can travel and a taskforce has been set up for selected interventions (namely, categories 1 and 2). In addition, we are closely working with our local teams and partners in the markets to put in place the necessary means to provide our customers with the best possible support. Solutions such as remote assistance have already been implemented. We kindly invite you to contact our Service team for any request.

To minimise the impact on operations, the following measures have been implemented:

  • Restriction of visitors on site,
  • Safety material (i.e. masks, disinfectant) available within the building,
  • Recommendations from local and federal authorities regularly communicated to all the employees,
  • Work From Home (WFH) continuously encouraged for all employees equipped with laptops.                                                                    

KBA-NotaSys employees remain fully available via video conferencing, email or phone. While postal mail is still received and collected at our offices, we recommend and would appreciate if you could address all correspondence, especially those calling for rapid action, by email to your direct contact(s) within KBA-NotaSys.

We thank you for your collaboration during this exceptional period. KBA-NotaSys is committed to continuing our business as efficiently as possible during this challenging situation, whilst respecting all the measures put in place by the different authorities.


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