Intaglio is regarded as the cornerstone of banknote security, relied by governments and Central Banks throughout the world. Across the three stages of banknote creation: design, platemaking, and printing, we have been changing the process to be more sustainable and efficient. Once seen as old fashioned, expensive and polluting, Intaglio is capable to be a modern, environmentally friendly and efficient solution for the future.

Our designers and engravers create true innovative security by using powerful applications that improve production efficiency while achieving high-quality work through a simplified process. The data is then transferred to the platemaking thanks to dedicated software that reduces errors to a minimum, hence a reduction of wastes. This philosophy is kept all along the platemaking workflow, leading to a more environmentally friendly process.

Finally, the high pressure of the Intaglio press then allows ink to be transferred into deep engravings on any substrate. This ensures a high level of embossing, guaranteeing that tactile marks efficiently help the blind and visually impaired community.

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